Thursday, August 18, 2016

The one maybe?


Don't you worry my dear.
Who i am today is who i am yesterday and also tomorrow.
A system engineer position won't even change me.
You have been carver deep in me.

Please don't feel down my love.
My respect and love for you will never change.
You are my friend, my lover, my company, my competitor and also my mentor.
To have my whole life with you is all i want to be.

I'm sorry for who i am.
I know its hard for you but it's harder for me to be here.
But i know you know me well enough.
That i will never step on you but will always stay by your side.

Thank you and sorry i've hurt you.
Your concern on me put my dear heart in tears.
I'm sorry i am so selfish to let you worried.
Yet i'm glad to know that i'm important to you.

Now i'm here for you.
I will always help you so we can be together on the top.
Because i know you will do the same .
Now how i wish i have the power to make you officially mine.
Please make me officially yours soon.


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