Thursday, November 10, 2016

Longest Night Ever


Dear sky,
Could you do me a favor?
He is out there somewhere i don't know
I don't know if he's cold
I don't know id he's wet in the rain
I don't know if he's tired
Or in pain
Or hungry
Or scared
All i know he is strong enough to overcome any of those
Cry as much as u want here
I have blanket to keep me warm
Please take care of him
And tell him to take care of himself
And tell him i'm freaking worried here
And i miss him

                                                                         -Overly attached me-

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The one maybe?


Don't you worry my dear.
Who i am today is who i am yesterday and also tomorrow.
A system engineer position won't even change me.
You have been carver deep in me.

Please don't feel down my love.
My respect and love for you will never change.
You are my friend, my lover, my company, my competitor and also my mentor.
To have my whole life with you is all i want to be.

I'm sorry for who i am.
I know its hard for you but it's harder for me to be here.
But i know you know me well enough.
That i will never step on you but will always stay by your side.

Thank you and sorry i've hurt you.
Your concern on me put my dear heart in tears.
I'm sorry i am so selfish to let you worried.
Yet i'm glad to know that i'm important to you.

Now i'm here for you.
I will always help you so we can be together on the top.
Because i know you will do the same .
Now how i wish i have the power to make you officially mine.
Please make me officially yours soon.


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Life goal unlocked!

Since i don't even remember when, sukaaaa sangat when i can get this kind of view.


Especially at night dengan kabus kabus sambil stargazing. Ahhh my favourite. Melayan perasaan yang susah nak describe. Ada rasa sayu, tenang, happy, sedih, lega, fresh, loved, puas. Mixed feelings.

Then i'll imagine myself on top of those peaks. What will i see? How fresh is the air? What kind of mixed feelings will i get.

But i'm definitely not an outdoor kind of person. Experience pergi real camping pun boleh kira pakai jari. Tu pun kena paksa. Macam impossible nak reach puncak gunung tu. So angan angan hanyalah angan angan.


One day, i went for a real hike dengan abam abam navy and akak amry yang fit. Sangat fit. Dengan tak expect apa apa just follow depa ni. Trek dia hiking along the way for 3 hours. Rasa nak stop bernafas, rasa nak pecah jantung, rasa dahaga gila gila, rasa nak give up. Berkat mereka yang sangat supportive, sanggup tunggu, sanggup tak minum sebab ada newbie ni sebok dahaga dahaga sampai air ak cukup. Plus caring dia tahap cair hati. Gagahkan diri.

Reaching the top was a surprise. Hilang semua penat. Yes! That was the place and the feeling i had was indescribable. That was one of the best feeling carved deep in my heart. The best feeling that i can never forget.

Thank you for making it happened.

8 April 2016


Saturday, December 5, 2015

Friday, November 27, 2015

I got fun life but less time.

I don't have time to cook even time for groceries. So i consider i've failed the challenge. Its ok. We'll try again later :')

So, whats im up to..


Went to bukit cerakah with hani. Gatal nak try basikal couple 2 in 1 bike. Lalu depan couple2 semua tanya sewa kat mana. Loser rasa hati naik couple bike dengan girlfriend. Tsk tsk

Masa mengah2 cycling daki bukit i saw something which hani did'nt. It was creepyyyy +%#@=#!
Ok tak payah cerita tengah malam dah ni. Next topic please


My first marathon in my life and i managed to finished 5km in half an hour yayyy! 
Even kami gang gemuk dalam kalangan sado! We managed to ignore others and have fun!!! One more best memories carved in my life. I love you girls! 


Burning midnight oil siapkan report assignment last month. Last minute works kills. Zzzzz... 


Industry visit to sunedison. Pretending to be junior engineer to my trainer during my last internship just to see the wafer polishing process in a close look. Fun!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Cheat day


Day 5
Yayy! Finally its cheat day! Haha.

Tak sia2 cheat day.  Red velvet ni seedappp sangat.  Ada hint of strawberry flavour.  

My favorite lanun steak lamb chop!  


Day 4.

Meal for today:
Bekal pergi class.  Roast sweet potato,  beef blackpepper wrap. 
Jemput ikan bilis,  keropok lekor and teh tarik for dinner
Ok jujurlah. Coconut shake+ayam uncle bob.  Kah! Kah! Kah!