Friday, November 27, 2015

I got fun life but less time.

I don't have time to cook even time for groceries. So i consider i've failed the challenge. Its ok. We'll try again later :')

So, whats im up to..


Went to bukit cerakah with hani. Gatal nak try basikal couple 2 in 1 bike. Lalu depan couple2 semua tanya sewa kat mana. Loser rasa hati naik couple bike dengan girlfriend. Tsk tsk

Masa mengah2 cycling daki bukit i saw something which hani did'nt. It was creepyyyy +%#@=#!
Ok tak payah cerita tengah malam dah ni. Next topic please


My first marathon in my life and i managed to finished 5km in half an hour yayyy! 
Even kami gang gemuk dalam kalangan sado! We managed to ignore others and have fun!!! One more best memories carved in my life. I love you girls! 


Burning midnight oil siapkan report assignment last month. Last minute works kills. Zzzzz... 


Industry visit to sunedison. Pretending to be junior engineer to my trainer during my last internship just to see the wafer polishing process in a close look. Fun!

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